The Experience

This is a sample itinerary based on past trips. We’ll provide a detailed itinerary for your trip ahead of departure.

First Day – ¿Qué bolá, Cuba? 

We’ll give you a lift from the airport in a 1950s Chevy. Together we’ll ride to Old Havana where you’ll get to experience our special twist on the old-fashioned tour. As we walk the neighborhood’s narrow, cobblestone streets, we’ll have a conversation couched within a critique of Spanish colonization and U.S. imperialism. Of course, we’ll also talk about celebrity chisme. After that, it’s a La Luchita Project welcome dinner party!

Second Day – Fighting Imperialism

Cuba has served as one of the most successful resistance projects in response to U.S. imperialism. You’ll have the privilege of meeting a young researcher who will engage us in lively discussion on socialism and anti-imperialism in Cuba. In the afternoon, we’ll talk with a community organizer about local grassroots organizing.  And if running is your thing, today’s the day we do a running tour to Havana’s coolest murals.

Third Day – Socialism as the Revolutionary Movement of the Working Class

In 1962 Fidel Castro declared Cuba’s Revolution to be a “Socialist Revolution.” We’ll dig into Cuban socialism by meeting with a unionist and member of the Young Communists. In the evening, our favorite activist professor will lead us in workshopping Cuba’s educational system, with an emphasis on women’s role in the Revolution’s alphabetization campaign. Finally, we promise you a special surprise after dinner: It might be a private concert or a ride on a a ferry.

Fourth Day – Cuba Today

Three hot topics in contemporary Cuban studies are climate change, hip hop, and race. Parque Almendares is Havana’s only urban forest, and that’s where we’re going to chat with an activist biologist about the island’s approach to climate change. Later in the day we’ll talk race, gender, and hip hop with a spoken word poet. It’s likely that you’ll even get to hear her sing one or two of her lyrics.

Fifth Day – Music Making and Painting Change

Today you’ll listen to at least 10 different genres of Cuban music, with a super-impressive community organizer and researcher. She will share stories of creating pop-up libraries and outline the history of Cuban revolutionary music. After that we head to a rad art studio, where we’ll dialogue with a painter on his approach to activism. But we’re not finished yet. Change into something that makes you feel cute, because we’re headed to Havana’s coolest multi-media bar-club-gallery-theater space.

Day 6 – Solidarity Forever

This is the last day. Havana is endless and by then you’ll have a whole list of places you’re still itching to check out and people you want to see at least one more time. During breakfast we’ll do a debrief. We also want to talk about what’s next, including ways people in the United States can act in solidarity with the Cuban people. If you’re flying back to the U.S. we will give you a ride to the Havana airport.